The Joy Of Remodeling

Planning a home remodel is quite a job. You are required to be a construction project manager, architect, and supervisor. This is a demanding load to take on, although much rewarded in the end when you see the new flooring in your kitchen, for example.

Sticking with the concept of new flooring for your kitchen, a flooring store is a good place to start when planning your project. Whether you need professional installation or simply professional advice on all things flooring, a flooring store is your one-stop shop.

We’ll look at some steps you can take when planning a home remodeling project.

  1. Have a vision. The process of envisioning your project can be an enjoyable experience, and it may whet your appetite for the steps to come. Look through some newer model homes in your area to see what current styles are in vogue and what would look good in your home. If you are considering flooring for your kitchen, go to the various model homes’ kitchen to see which type of flooring they use and if the schemes will translate to your home. An interesting fact, a third of polled homeowners, according to Houzz, said that they became more health conscious after remodeling their kitchen.
  2. Look for home remodeling professionals. If you’re going to hire a contractor for the job, you’ll want to research their credentials and read some online reviews. It’s best to pick a contractor who specializes in flooring then to pick a Jack-of-all-trades. It’s better to hire someone who does one or two things really well than someone who does many things, but with mediocrity.
  3. Budget. Whatever your remodeling project, money is involved. And as we all know, money does not grow on trees. If you’re purchasing flooring for your kitchen, you’ll need to think not only about the cost of materials from the flooring store, but the additional costs associated with moving appliances, floorboards, or electrical outlets. A good rule is to add 10% to 12% to your budget for any unanticipated cost overruns.
  4. Schedule accommodations. A remodeling project can take time. You may need to rent a hotel room or stay with a friend while the project is being completed. Or if you are having a kitchen floor installed, you’ll need to plan for your meals, since the kitchen will mostly be off limits for a period of time. Budget the accommodations you’ll need to make in this regard. Schedule with the contractor times for entering your home and also plan to have times when you can stop by and check on the contractor’s progress. You want the contractor to be able to get a hold of you easily, so be sure to share your contact information before the project begins.
  5. Handle the ‘red tape’. You’ll need to have your permits for the city and county, depending on where you live. Review your homeowners’ insurance policy for declarations regarding remodeling and update if necessary. You want to know that your paperwork is in order.
  6. Start the job. Once you have planned and organized to the best of your ability, get to work. Or, if you’ve hired a contractor, let them complete a kitchen remodel, install new kitchen flooring or custom cabinets. The planning helps you to relax and enjoy the process as much as possible. The anticipation of your home’s new look is the first part of the enjoyment you’ll experience when the job is complete.

Now that the remodel job is done, you can relax and fully enjoy yourself. Taking the time to plan for your project adds to the enjoyment you’ll experience when the job is done.

Be sure to check out flooring stores in your area today.