History of Kitchen Appliances

One of the best parts of a kitchen remodel is heading to the appliance store and selecting your new appliances. Have you ever stopped to wonder what it was like 100 years ago to choose new kitchen appliances?


Every kitchen appliance has an ancestor that is credited with the evolution of the appliance we know today. One thing is for sure shopping for new appliances today is very different from shopping for new appliances 100 years ago.


Common Appliances that Have Held A Spot in the Kitchen


Some kitchen appliance inventions never quite caught on. Other appliances from the time of conception it was clear they would become a staple in everyone’s kitchen. Some of the must-have appliances from their early inception was a stove complete with an oven, a refrigerator, and of course a freezer.


Some of the earlier kitchen appliance inventions never quite made the cut like the electric peeler and the electric washing machine. They made it into the furniture stores touted as the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets of the time, but they were largely dangerous, hard to use, and luckily never caught on.


Refrigerators, Stoves, and Dishwashers


Labor-saving devices really started making the scene at the turn of the 19th century. Having the latest icebox became a thing of the past when the first refrigerator made the scene in the 1920s. It was all the rage and put the iceman right out of business.


Who likes doing dishes? Luckily, Joel Houghton’s wife was not a fan either. He patented the first dishwasher in 1850. Of course, that modern marvel looked nothing like our modern dishwashers but it was a step in the right direction.


Before the modern stove made the scene in 1920 stoves had been around since the 1400s but they depended on wood to cook with. The modern stove relied on gas heat to get the cooking done which of course made the job a lot easier for the cook.


Making Life Easier


Since those early days of pushing to invent easier to use kitchen appliances, the biggest invention, that is found in everyone’s kitchen is the microwave oven. They became widely available in the 1960s but did not become a must-have until the 1980s. Truth be told most people were afraid of them initially and today most people cannot live without them.


Today’s modern kitchen appliances deliver a tremendous amount of convenience and options. Shop for your new kitchen appliances today.