5 Stunning Kitchen Remodel Trends of 2020

With a new year comes the desire to refresh various aspects of your life. From healthy eating, starting a new job to home remodeling. Actually, according to Houzz, one-third of homeowners have said that a home remodel, specifically a kitchen remodel helps them reach their healthy lifestyle goals. Just one more reason to get started on that kitchen remodel, right?

1. All About Backsplash

2020 is the year of the backsplash. You’ll be seeing intricate tile designs with an exotic or Moroccan-inspired theme or elegant one-piece slabs of stunning marble. Many will choose to have the backsplash be the focal point of their kitchen while embracing clean minimalism with their cabinetry and color palette.

2. Open-Air Shelving

Several years ago open-air shelving appeared with a bang on the interior design scene and there was speculation it was going to be yet another passing trend. Well, so far the trend has continued to grow with more people opting to remove cabinetry and display dishware and kitchen utensils on open shelves. What do you think of using open-air shelving for your next kitchen remodel?

3. Embrace the Dark Side

Custom countertops will be embracing the dark side. The darker the stain, the better. The kitchen’s color palette might be vibrant and colorful or neutral, but you’ll see high-contrast dark countertops.

Tile flooring will also see the dark side with striking shades of grey and deep brown. Wood floors will feature darker wood stains or even jet black paint. Many major kitchen appliances also come in darker colors including an elegant deep steel.

4. Warm and Cozy

The old adage “the kitchen is where the heart of the home is” is coming to life with this kitchen remodel trend. Kitchens becoming places for family and friends to gather and hang out are inspiring larger islands with more seating, welcoming lighting, and warm wood cabinetry in place of last year’s popular industrial style.

5. Eye-Popping Color Palettes

Gone are the days of neutral tones and monochrome color patterns. With a new year comes new color. With Classic Blue being announced as the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year. Refreshing shades of blue that inspire connection and calm will be seen everywhere.

Are you inspired to try dark countertops or an eye-catching backsplash? What’s your favorite kitchen remodel trend this year? If you’re looking for more inspiration or custom quotes, please contact us.